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General Information The following is a guide to the features of the Degree Audit Report . This report can be found under Student Services on the myLSU Portal Desktop .
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Category: Degree Audit

General Information The LSU Graduate School accepts applications online on the website: lsu.­edu/­gradapply . This site is managed by the Hobson's ApplyYourself, a company that services admissions for universities in both the United States and the U.K. How to Apply 1....
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To Access Enrollment Certificate through the myLSU Portal: 1. Log into myLSU . 2. Select Student Services | Enrollment...
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Undergraduate Students If you are an Undergraduate Student who is submitting a transcript for Evaluation, you need to send it to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions . Mailing...
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Mail a Fee Bill Payment Fee Bill payments can be mailed to the LSU Bursar's Office . If you choose to pay by mail, be sure to mail your payment a minimum of 10 Days Before the Due...
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The Build a Scholarship Query feature allows administrators to build a query of students that meet specified criteria. Once the query limits have been set, the list will be gathered and exported to a .xls file that can be viewed using Excel. To Build a Scholarship Query: 1. Login to...
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The following is a guide to checking the course offerings of the current semester and previous semesters. 1. Log into the myLSU Portal ( . 2. Select Registration Services | Registration Information ...
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General Information You can schedule courses electronically using the myLSU Portal . This option is available under Registration Services | Schedule Request . For information about LSU Admissions or scheduling...
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General Information Students are now able to join a waitlist when scheduling their courses for the next semester. By joining a waitlist, students no longer have to check for openings in courses they are trying to add to their schedule. By simply requesting to join the class VIA waitlist, students will be added to a queue of students requesting to be...
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Order Textbooks: 1. Log into the myLSU Portal . ( 2. Select Registration Services , then choose Textbooks by...
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Category: Scheduling Courses