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*NOTE: Plus/minus grading is required for all undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses using the A+ through F letter grading system. The default scale in Moodle will be a “sample” grading scale in which instructors can adjust to meet their own needs. If the plus and minus scale...
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This feature allows the primary instructor of a course to refresh the enrollment to immediately get the most current list of students enrolled in a Moodle course based on enrollment in the mainframe. Although Moodle rosters are automatically updated as students add/drop a course, it is an overnight process. After Reprocess is used, an instructor must wait a minimum of 1 hour to use the...
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In this aggregation method, the weight of each grade item is determined solely by its maximum grade. The weight field is neither displayed nor is it configurable. The only variable that can be adjusted is the maximum grade of the item. In the example below, the student score 60 out of 80 possible points for a 75% course total.
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ProctorU Information This page contains information about using ProctorU online proctoring services for LSU campus courses. This service allows students to complete course exams at any location while still ensuring the academic integrity of the exam for the institution. Using a webcam and audio capability, students can take exams in a conducive...
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ProctorU Information Page for LSU Online Alternatives to Online Proctoring Due to the volume of assessments moving online, there will be limited scalability for vendors such as ProctorU. It will not be possible to continue to administer the same number of tests as usual. Please consider alternative assessment options in order...
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