E-mail Spam Filtering: LSU Overview

General Information

LSU Faculty, Students & Staff may notice that they are receiving valid e-mail messages in their Junk E-mail / Spam folder.  

The reason this is occurs is due to the Spam Filtering that is being performed on the e-mail messages that are delivered to ALL LSU.EDU e-mail accounts.

Spam Filtering Options

LSUMail:    (LSU Faculty, Staff, & Student E-mail)

  • EOP (Exchange Online Protection) - This is a Microsoft service. All e-mails sent to <pawsID>@lsu.edu will be analyzed by EOP, which will move suspicious messages into the user's "Junk E-mail" folder for LSUMail users.

Spam & Junk Mail Settings

All users can also manage their own spam & junk mail filtering s

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