Printing On-Campus: LSU Overview

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General Information

LSU on-campus printing is available from a lab computer or from your laptop or mobile device.  (Large-format printing is available.)  The ITS Print Desk is located on the 3rd floor of LSU Library, directly in front of the stairwell.  The Computer Lab is located on the first floor of LSU Library, turn left when you walk into the library.

Print services includes the Pay-for-Print systems in the ITS Computer Labs and other locations across campus. These are printers and print job release stations managed by ITS. You can print your documents in the lab and use your Tiger Card or Geaux Card to pay for the printouts by using the release stations. In addition, you can install the printers to your laptop and print. You will still go to a release station to use your Tiger Card or Geaux Card to release the print job. Jobs are held for 90 minutes.

Eligibility & Order Procedures

Available To:    LSU Faculty, Students, and Staff.  

Requirements:    Must have a PAWS ID & a Tiger Card, and funds on the Tiger Card to pay for printing.

Restriction:    The print lab has 3 foot wide paper rolls. Files in which both the height and width dimensions are bigger than 3 feet CANNOT be printed in these locations.

On-Campus Printing

Option 1:  Public Access Lab Printers

  • Printing Options:

1. Printing from Public Access Lab Machine

2. Printing From a Mobile Device (MobilePrint)

3. Printing From a Laptop  (OR Print with MobilePrint.)

  • Price to Print:

Fees for Printing at LSU:

Basic 8.5" x 11" (Available in All Labs)

$0.07/Black and White

Basic 11" x 17" (Available at Public Labs Color Printers only)

$0.25/Black and White or Color

Large Format & Specialty Printing (Available in LSU Library 305)

$3.75/ linear foot (heavy-weight coated)
$7.50/ linear foot (semi-gloss)
$8.50/ linear foot (glossy)
$1.00/ page for photo paper (8.5 by 11)

(Note: The print lab has 1 paper roll size: 3 feet. Files in which both the height and width dimensions are bigger than 3 feet CANNOT be printed.)

  • Printer Locations:

LSU has two Computer Lab locations that house computers and printers. Anyone with a valid PAWS ID can use the lab, anyone with a Tiger Card can print.  Also, your Tiger Card must have funds on it to be able to print. For more Tiger Card information, visit the Tiger Card Web Site.

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