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** NOTE ** Parents &/or Alternate Payers : To pay the Fee Bill for someone other than yourself, please use the myProxy...
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Access your MidTerm Grades in the myLSU Portal 1. Log into the myLSU Portal . ( 2. Select Student Services from the sidebar at the left. 3. Click on ...
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General Information Handshake is an online resourced aimed at connecting students/alumni and employers. Students and alumni may use it to build career-readiness and search for potential employers; employers may use it to find future employees. If you are an alumnus and would like access to Handshake, please...
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General Information The Comprehensive Academic Tracking System (CATS) is designed to help you reach academic success at LSU. Each major has a RECOMMENDED PATH that is the optimal path for graduation in four years. This system electronically checks your progress each semester by tracking your progress on the CRITICAL REQUIREMENTS...
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General Information 1. A Degree Audit analyzes how a student's courses apply to a unique degree program. The degree program is defined by a major and a catalog year. In some cases, an area of concentration further identifies the degree program. Declared minors are also included on the report.
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General Information The following is a guide to the differences between the Web Degree Audit and the Official Degree Report Printout. REQUIREMENT SYMBOLS (Web Report vs. Official...
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Access Your Degree Audit through the myLSU Portal ** Important Note : LSU Graduate Programs DO NOT have Degree Audits; therefore, an LSU Graduate Student DOES NOT have the Degree Audit link under Student Services when they log into the myLSU...
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Transcript vs. College Record A Transcript is an official document that can be requested at any time through Credentials Solutions and costs $10 per transcript. ** NOTE: Further information can be found...
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General Information The following is a guide to the features of the Degree Audit Report . This report can be found under Student Services on the myLSU Portal Desktop .
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General Information The LSU Graduate School accepts applications online on the website: lsu.­edu/­gradapply . This site is managed by the Hobson's ApplyYourself, a company that services admissions for universities in both the United States and the U.K. How to Apply 1....
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