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General Information

An abbreviation for EDUcation ROAMing, eduroam is a secure roaming infrastructure that allows you to use your university's credentials to access the internet at participating institutions. For LSU, this gives wireless access at other participating institutions using your LSU MyLSU ID and password. For visitors to LSU from participating universities, this gives them access to the eduroam wireless network here at LSU.

Who is Eligible to use eduroam?

  • Available to LSU Faculty, Students, and Staff. 
  • Available to Individuals visiting from one of the Participating Universities. (appropriate credentials required)

Connect to eduroam (Secure Wireless Network at LSU)

For instructions on how to connect to eduroam, please see the main Connect to Wireless article: 

PLEASE NOTE: If you have recently been to another eduroam university, you will need to delete the configuration profile on your device in order to join LSU's network when you return to campus. Instructions for how to do this can be found below:

Technical Information

Institutions that employ 802.1X authentication typically use RADIUS and centralized local user databases to provide user authentication. eduroam takes advantage of these infrastructures to build a hierarchical system of RADIUS servers with the ability to securely transport user credentials. With this system in place, a user from a participating institution can use his/her home credentials at a visited institution and get access to the network.  


LSU Support & Policy Statements

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