Cisco Jabber Softphone

NOTE: At this time, only specific departments have been set up to use Cisco Jabber. 


To Download and Install Cisco Jabber:

1. Download Cisco Jabber through the following link on Tigerware:


2. Sign in to Cisco Jabber using your myLSU ID and password.

Cisco Jabber sign in page


3. The Cisco Jabber Home Screen will then open.

Cisco Jabber home page


4. To make a call, click on the Cisco Jabber Dial Pad icon.

Dial pad icon in the top left area


5. Use the Dial Pad to enter the number, then press the phone icon at the left to make a call.

Dial pad open on the left sidebar


6. A new screen will pop up with the active call.

Active call screen with caller name in sidebar, and call options at bottom middle of page


7. To place a call on Hold or Transfer, click the "..." icon and select the call option needed.

8. When finished with a call, press the red X icon. 

Call option menu shown above ellipses icon when pressed, as well as X button to the right of it


9. To send calls to Voicemail or forward calls to an on-campus number, click the Call Settings icon.

Call settings icon in the bottom left sidebar area


10. Select the line to be forwarded and select Voicemail or enter a new on-campus phone number for forwarding. The last number calls were forwarded to will also appear in this menu.

  • NOTE: We are unable to support forwarding calls to off-campus numbers at this time. 


Forward Calls dropdown menu for transfer origin, sub menu containing the transfer destination


11. If answering calls for multiple lines, you can switch between the lines by clicking on the drop down menu next to the phone number at the bottom of the screen.

Phone number selected in bottom left sidebar area, showing two phone line options to select



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