Microsoft Teams: LSU Overview

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Microsoft Teams: LSU Overview

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration and communications platform that combines Voice and Video web calling, instant messaging, and group collaboration into one application. The communications portion can be used internal and external to LSU, while the collaboration portion is limited to LSU A&M flagship campus. The service Integrates with Office365 applications giving you access to certain features from different Office 365 online applications.

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Microsoft Teams will be available to LSU Faculty & Staff and Students. 

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Services & Features

Host Online Meetings: Host audio, video and web conferences with anyone using Microsoft Team, Skype and Skype for business.

Stream Live Broadcasts: Host live streams using Skype Meeting Broadcast, webinars, and other large audience presentations with up to 10,000 online attendees.

Create a Team for collaborating with internal LSU A&M faculty, staff and students giving you access to file sharing, wikis, and group persistent chats.

Integrated Office 365 apps: Sharing and coauthoring files is made easy by integrating popular Office 365 apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. 

Integrated Third-Party apps: Productivity can be increased and workflow streamlined with the integration of certain third-party applications. 


Getting Started

For information on Requesting a MS Team please refer to: Microsoft Teams: Requesting a MS Team


Training & Support

Microsoft Teams: Best Practices

Microsoft Teams: Interactive Demo

Microsoft Teams: Free Webcast (Sign-in Required)

Microsoft Teams: Free Guide (Sign-in Required)

Microsoft Teams: Help Center

Microsoft Teams: Tech Community

Microsoft Teams: Developer Platform

Microsoft Teams: Yearly Expiration and Renewal


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