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Email headers: Fraudulent or Legitimate? Overview: Email is a quick and convenient method for communication, but it was never designed to be secure. When you receive a message, email clients and web services by default display information like who it is from, who it was sent to, etc. However, it is trivial for potential attackers to...
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Linux IAAS SLA Introduction This document is to establish the Service Level...
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Quick Reference PS-01 Equal Opportunity PS-107 Computer Users'...
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Report Phishing E-mails The LSU IT Security and Policy (ITSP) Team has deployed Cofense Reporter, an application that provides users the ability to report suspicious e-mails to the ITSP team quickly and efficiently. The application will be available for all mailboxes automatically without any user intervention.
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Security Access Detail - Database Objects Needed Tables: Current_* (move data from MAPP01) Security_Access_Detail Security_Access_SODetai SecurityMap* (move data from MAPP01) Stored Procs: All common to Security Access Detail View: ...
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Imaging through System Center: PXE Booting 1. Before attempting to PXE boot, verify that network stack boot options are enabled in the BIOS. This may look different depending on the manufacturer and age of the machine. Picture below is the BIOS option for a Dell from the year 2019, where the setting is found under "System Configuration" ->...
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