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Mathematica Training Resources "Hands-on Start to Mathematica" is a free, two-part online screencast that introduces Mathematica basics to get you started with your first calculations, visualizations,...
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The Faculty Technology Center has compiled a list of free online vendor training offerings based on the most frequently downloaded software packages on TigerWare. Click on the following software listing view its available training opportunities: Mathematica ...
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Learning ArcGIS: Tutorials ...
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The following is a list of some training resources that are available to Students, Faculty, and Staff: Maplesoft Training Quick Start...
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SAS Vendor Training Resources The Resource Center has Training Classes and e-Learning , but there may be some associated fees. The site does offer the following materials which, while not specifically training, may be...
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This Microsoft site features links to training videos, discussion forums, downloads for various versions of SQL Server, and expert blogs. Some content is free, but some requires registration and/or payment. The following is a list of some...
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