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General Information: LSU's Facility Services is meant to "support the University's vision, mission and goals by providing all campus entities with quality facilities combined with cost effective and responsive maintenance, utilities, design and construction services." The articles in the Facility...
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Who is FuelTrac? What Services are Offered to LSU? FuelTrac is a fleet management company headquartered in Baton Rouge. They provide universally accepted fuel cards which are tied to University owned vehicles or other...
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The Media Access Control(MAC) address can be used to identify computers on the network. MAC address composes of twelve(12) alpha-numeric digits ranging from 0 to 9 and A to F. It is usually written in six groups of two digits separated by hyphens( - ), colons( : ), or spaces. The following are examples of MAC addresses: ...
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Sustainability: Save Energy Creating a Sustainable Office and Home 1. Lighting : Use task lighting and turn off overhead lights. Use sunlight for heat and shades for cooling. Choose compact fluorescent bulbs -- CFL bulbs use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs. Use LED bulbs instead for...
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General Information Elements , which has replaced LSU Faculty360, is the university's Faculty Information System - a platform to collect, analyze, showcase and report all of your scholarly activities. Elements serves as a faculty expertise portal for each faculty member’s teaching, research, scholarly and...
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Accounting Services Forms Go directly to the Accounting Services web site to download the latest version of the form. Included Forms: ...
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LSU Approved Fonts The LSU Approved Fonts are: Arial, Arial Narrow, Meta, Museo, Roboto, and Whitney. Arial is the easiest to read as a body text. Meta and Arial are...
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The LSU business system templates include pieces that are frequently the first contact with our external audiences. These items should present a consistent design, color palette, and typeface. Complete information about the proper use of this font is managed through the LSU Office of...
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