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Not every LSU person has a mailbox in LSUMail. However, most of these people are defined in the LSUMail Global Address List so that you can see their names and addresses when you select them as recipients of your e-mail. To make e-mail delivery work, those people who do not have an LSUMail mailbox...
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Most phishing scams can be avoided by sticking to these basic principles: 1. Treat ALL LINKS as if they are suspicious. (Links include Web Addresses & URLs) 2. Log in with your LSU PAWS ID at official
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E-mail Quota (Maximum E-mail Size) LSUMail (Faculty & Staff) The quota for LSU Faculty & Staff LSUMail Accounts is 50-GB. NOTE : Take such measures as junk mail filtering and deleting unnecessary e-mail messages to help you keep your mailbox clean. Be sure to empty your Deleted...
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General Information LSU is running a mailing list manager called LISTSERV from L-Soft International . LISTSERV is an e-mail list management software that allows for e-mail newsletters, announcement lists, discussion communities, etc. When...
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Description LSU is running a mailing list manager called LISTSERV from L-Soft International. This product has become so popular that 'LISTSERV' has become generic for all list management software. Faculty and Staff at LSU can request a listserv to be created. ...
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Request New List: To request a new Listserv list to be created on the LSU Listserv system, please contact the Service Desk with the following information: 1. A Name for the list. The name...
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EXAMPLE: You have been added to the [listname] mailing list (LSU Information Technology Listserv) by [listowner] . Please save this message for future reference, especially if this is the first time you are subscribing to an electronic mailing list. If you...
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General Information LSU Faculty and staff can sign up for the LSU-ITINFO LISTSERV through the myLSU Portal. This will allow ITS to notify you through e-mail of any IT events, major...
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LISTSERV Troubleshooting Tips 1. The password is required only to send privileged commands in the body of a mail message addressed to LISTSERV. In most cases, no password is required.
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Category: LISTSERV Command-Based Interface