myLSU Portal: Access myLSU Workspace


If you are using a mobile device to access the myLSU portal, you may need to rotate your phone to landscape mode to access the menu.



The Workspace is an electronic “in-box” used by systems at LSU to communicate to reviewers when a document is available for review and/or approval. The Workspace system only contains the link to the document in its system of origin and not the document itself.

Workspace can be accessed from the myLSU desktop where it is shown as a link at the top.

The Workspace Toolbar:

The Workspace toolbar is located at the top of every screen throughout the Workspace system.

The My Workspace link will display the first screen of the Workspace system. This screen is discussed in detail in the New Documents section.

The Action Items link will display all items in a user’s Workspace. This is discussed in detail in the Existing Documents section.

The Notification Option link will display a screen that will allow the user to choose whether they would like to receive emails as documents are routed to their workspace.

New Documents:

Once the Workspace link is clicked, a screen will appear that will display any new documents that have been routed to the user for review.

The screen can also be accessed by clicking the My Workspace link from the Workspace toolbar.

The date the documents were routed and the document number will display. To access information about the document, click on the purple document number. This will display additional information about the document.

While viewing document information under the Document Entry section, the user has several options. The user can Mark as read, which means the document will no longer display on the initial Workspace screen where new documents are listed. The user can Mark as unread, which will cause the document to appear as a new document. The user can choose to Mark as Hidden. Hidden documents will only appear when the View Hidden link is chosen. (This is discussed in greater detail later.) Documents can also be deleted from Workspace by clicking the Delete Message option.

The document can also be viewed from this screen. In order to access the document, click on the link that reads “Click here to view the information”. This will close Workspace and open the document in its system of origin.

Existing Documents:

Once a document’s information has been viewed in Workspace or a document has been launched from Workspace, it will no longer be listed on the first screen that appears when Workspace is opened. In order to access these documents, click on the Action Items link in the Workspace Toolbar that appears at the top of the screen as shown below.

Please note that some action items in Workspace may be removed once they are acted on. Once a user acts on an action item, the intended system will remove the Workspace notification.

All items in the Workspace will display along with the date the item was routed. Items that have not been viewed will display in red.

Next to each document is an arrow with a circle around it. This is a link that will launch the document in its system of origin. To view brief information about the document without launching it, click on the document number.

Sorting Documents:

Documents viewed through the Action Items link can be sorted in a number of ways. Documents can be sorted by System, Subject, and Date. The System sort groups all documents from the same system together. The Subject sort lists all documents regardless of system by subject alphabetically. The Date sort orders documents regardless of system in order of the date routed.

The user can also choose to view documents marked hidden.

These options are available on the Action Items screen beneath the Workspace toolbar.

Once a sort is chosen, additional options will display beneath the Sort Options. The options will change depending on the sort method chosen. If the user is viewing by System ID, the user can select the number of records that will appear on the page. The user can also choose to filter the view to only one system. This will only display documents for the system selected in the Filter View drop down.

The View by Subject, Date, and Hidden all have the option to specify how many documents will appear on the screen.


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