Student Tech Fee: How to Apply for Decommissioned Equipment

Student Tech Fee Equipment

When Student Tech Fee equipment is decommissioned, it can be used on campus by LSU Students in other LSU Departments.

  • What am I Applying For?
    • To received old or decommissioned equipment that was purchased with Student Tech Fee funds.
  • Who is Eligible to Apply?  
    • LSU Deans, LSU Department Heads, and LSU Student Organizations.
  • When Do I Apply?
    • Every year in the month of April.
    • A letter from ITS stating what is available including the type of machines available will be sent out.
    • In order to receive priority on the old machines, you should respond to the letter as soon as possible.
  • When is the Equipment Transferred?  
    • The decisions will be made in the month of May.
12/23/2020 7:03:32 PM