myLSU Portal: Resign from LSU (Student)


  • A Student Resignation is an official action that can be requested through myLSU Portal when a student is no longer seeking regular admission.

*** DO NOT attempt to resign unless you have spoken with a counselor and established your next steps as well as future financial aid eligibility: Further information can be found at LSU UCAC - Student Resignation Info

Resign in the myLSU Portal

1. Log into the myLSU Portal.

2. On the left hand panel, select Student Services, then choose Student Resignation.

Student resignation link in my LSU portal

3. You will be sent to the Resignation dashboard page with next steps and further information.

resignation page


If you have questions about the process or encounter any problems, please reach out to your current college advisor or reach out to LSU UCAC via the information below:

LSU Center for Advising and Counseling

Phone: 225-578-8281
Location: 150 Himes Hall

8/25/2023 1:54:32 PM