Using Avaya One-X Communicator for Contact Centers

Contact Center Softphone Instructions:

Once Avaya One-X Communicator has been installed using the GROK Article: Avaya One-x Communicator: Installation Instructions:

1. Log in to your station (your 5 digit LSU Campus Phone Number) on Avaya One-X Communicator.

2. Use the following phone codes to log in to the call queue:

  • Login: #54 + Agent LogIn ID (provided to you by your Department)
  • Auto In: #24
  • Log Out: #56
  • Aux Work: #29
    • If the system requires a Reason Code, use the following:
      • 4: Break
      • 7: After Call Work
      • 5: Lunch

You will then receive calls for the call queue like normal.

NOTE: You must use #56 to log out prior to closing One-X Communicator to stop receiving calls for your department’s contact center. 


For additional assistance, please contact your TSP or the Service Desk at 8-3375 or 

12/15/2023 3:03:05 PM