LSUMail: Delegating Email Access

This article explains how to allow people to send email on your behalf using the Outlook for Windows desktop application (2010, 2013, or 2016) in Outlook Web Access (OWA).

Secondary account owner can request delegate mailbox access to full-time LSU faculty and staff via service catalog

To delegate access on Mac, please see the following article: Outlook 2016 (Mac): Assign Delegate and Edit Permissions

To Delegate Email Access in OWA:

1. Open OWA ( in your browser and sign in.

2. In the Folders menu, right click Inbox and select Permissions...

In the inbox drop-down menu, permissions is selected.


3. In the Permissions for the Inbox folder window, click the + icon located near the top left of the window.

The plus icon located in the permissions window is selected.


4. In the Add permissions window, search for and select the person to whom you wish to grant delegate access, then click Add.

The add permissions window with the delegate selected and the add button highlighted.


5. When the Permissions for the Inbox folder window appears, configure the permissions you wish to grant to the delegate(s), then click OK to finish.

The permission options are displayed and OK is highlighted.


To Delegate Email Access in the Desktop Application:

1. Open the Microsoft Outlook desktop application and sign in.

2. In the File tab, click Account Settings and then Delegate Access.

Delegate Access option selected in the Account Settings menu in the File Tab


3. The Delegates window will appear. Click Add...

Delegates window with the Add button highlighted


4. In the Add Users window, select all users to whom you wish to grant delegate access, clicking the Add -> button after each selection. Click OK when done.

Add Users window.

Add button and OK button in Add Users window are highlighted.


5. When the Delegate Permissions window appears, configure the permissions you wish to grant to the delegate(s), then click OK.

Delegate Permissions window with the folder permissions displayed and the OK button highlighted.


6. The Delegates window from step 3 will appear. Click the OK button to finish. If you wish to modify a delegates permission at a later time, return to the Delegates window, select a user, and click Permissions...

7. To let others know how to access the email that you have now delegated, please see the following article: Access a Delegated Folder

Referenced from Indiana University and University of Southern California


9/11/2023 12:01:02 PM