Activating or Changing Voicemail Greetings for Administrative Personnel

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Modular Messaging: Activating or Changing Greetings

After setting up your Voicemail box, you can follow these steps to activate or change your greetings that callers will hear when reaching your voicemail. 

  1. Dial 8-5600 (off-campus, 578-5600)
  2. The system will prompt “if you have a mailbox number on the system…”
  • If you’re calling from off campus, you will press #
  • If you’re calling from on campus and the phone has a voicemail, you will press * then #

3. When it prompts for a mailbox, enter your 5 digit extension. 

4. Press 3 to go to Personal Greetings. Your options will then be:

a. To listen to a greeting, press 0

b. To record greetings, press 1

c. To scan greetings, press 2

d. To delete greetings, press 3

e. To activate greetings, press 5

5. You will follow the prompts for the appropriate greeting you wish to activate or change. 



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