LSU Library: Law: FIND Service (Faculty)

The Faculty Information Delivery (FIND) Service retrieves and delivers books, articles, legal materials and other publications directly to LSU Law Center faculty. All requests should be submitted to  Deliveries will be made to law faculty by 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, unless other arrangements are made.

Using FIND Services through the LSU Law Library:

1. Navigate to the LSU Law Library website.

2. Under the Services section of the Home page, select Faculty Services.

the faculty services option

3. Select the FIND Service link under Faculty Services.

 the FIND services option

4. The FIND page will open. In order to request material on the FIND Service page, scroll down to the Request material section header, and click Web Request Form.

 the FIND web request form link

5. You will be directed to the Faculty Information Delivery (FIND) Service Request Form page.

 the Faculty Information Delivery (FIND) Service Request Form Page.

6. Enter the required information, and click Submit to finish.

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9/16/2021 8:41:11 AM