LSU Library: Law: Search LSU Law Catalog

To Search Using the LSU Law Catalog:

1. Navigate to the LSU Law Library website.

2. Switch to the Catalog tab at the top left of the page.

the catalog tab in LSU law library

3. You can also access the Law catalog by clicking Law Library Catalog under the Research heading on the Home page.

the Law library catalog in the research section

4. From here you can search the Law catalog with a Basic Search or an Advanced Search. The basic search will be the pre-selected option.

the basic search window


5. Type the words / phrases you would like to search for in the fieldbox, and select the Search button or browse through the results.

6. Select Advanced Search at the top of the page to perform an advanced search.

Now you can search by Author, Title, Subject, Series, or Journal Title among other options.

the advanced search window with the advanced search option highlighted

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