LSUMail: Retention of Accounts


LSU students are given the option to set up a LSUMail account using the myLSU ID that LSU provides (

Student mail accounts are suspended once the student has been inactive for three consecutive major semesters.  In this specific context, spring and fall semesters are considered ‘major’ semesters.  After three consecutive major semesters of inactivity, the student will receive an e-mail notifying them that their accounts will be purged

Graduating students will receive an e-mail providing an opportunity to sign up for a free LSU Alumni e-mail account.

For more details on Alumni e-mail accounts, click here - LSU Alumni: Overview.

Faculty / Staff

Faculty and Staff who have Resigned:  Access to LSUMail is disabled 30 days following separation from the university.

Faculty and Staff who have Retired:  Access to the primary LSUMail Account is retained and renewable in 10 year increments per request.

Note: In order for LSU Employees to be able to access financial and tax documents, the myLSU Portal ( will persist for the entire calendar year following the last year of employment.

5/28/2024 1:57:54 PM