Panopto Lecture Capture: Terms of Use

Louisiana State University
Panopto Lecture Capture: 2014-2015 School Year Pilot

Terms of Use

LSU Faculty, Staff, and Students must agree to the following terms of use in order to utilize the Panopto Lecture Capture service.
All users of Panopto must abide by all applicable laws and all University Policies, including all LSU Campus IT Policies.
Specifically, review this policy:


1. Eligibility of use is for currently active faculty and staff of the LSU A&M campus only.

2. This service can only be used for Louisiana State University purposes. Examples include recordings for educational, business, or research purposes.

3. Recordings are specific to course and section, and will be distributed to students via faculty through their Moodle Course. This is to ensure compliance with Student Privacy Rights. See PS-30 or the Office of the University Registrar for additional information. 

4. Users of this system must agree to abide by any decisions made by the Panopto Administrator. This is needed to guarantee compliance with the current license for the LSU Baton Rouge campus with Panopto.

5. Based on the data that LSU ITS collected during the initial Panopto pilot during 2014-2015 academic year on system usage, faculty feedback, and student learning, LSU ITS will be implementing the following retention policy for all Panopto users. Recordings of ITS sponsored events, conferences, etc. will be retained indefinitely. Standard class lecture recordings will be stored and retained on Panopto for one full semester past the original recording date. For instance, a recording made in fall 2015 will be retained until the end of the spring 2016 semester, after which it will be deleted. A notice will be sent each semester to all faculty, staff, and administrators to remind them of the approaching purge of recordings. Upon request, Academic Technology Services ( will send instructions for how to download these recordings to a local office computer or hard drive for longer storage or make the recordings available on Panopto.

6. LSU reserves the right to review and/or monitor system transactions for compliance with its policies and/or applicable law. Upon reasonable cause, LSU may disclose such transactions to authorized persons for official purposes, including criminal and other investigations, and permit the monitoring of system transactions by law enforcement agencies.

Service Definition

Lecture capture services are offered to active LSU Faculty, Teaching Assistants (TAs), Graduate Students (for instructional purposes), Staff, and other affiliates such as research associates with full PAWS credentials.

Account eligibility is for currently Active LSU Faculty & Staff on the LSU A&M (Baton Rouge Campus) campus only.

Faculty will be able to download the Panopto Recorder software on their own personal laptop or office computer via the Panopto Focus Moodle block for creating recordings outside of the classroom. In addition, faculty will also be able to record selective multimedia classrooms that have been equipped with the required technology to record with Panopto.

Students will access all recordings via the faculty's Moodle course. Recordings are associated via course and section.

In regard to class-related sessions, the attendees will be PAWS-credentialed users only due to adherence to FERPA regulations.

The administrators and support staff of the lecture capture system have access to specific lecture capture sessions in order to provide needed support. All administrators and support staff that have this access adhere to University confidentiality standards. These administrative accounts are necessary for support and technical issues.

Archives, Back-ups, Expiration of Stored Recordings & System Upgrades

System Archive

Panopto is currently hosted on-site at the LSU campus. Standard class lecture recordings will be stored and retained on Panopto for one full semester past the original recording date, after which it will be deleted. 

Acceptable Use

Faculty, Staff, and Students may take advantage of this service offering when the use of the media has clear educational merit within the scope of their official academic or work endeavors.
This service is provided via a Louisiana State University computer system, which may be accessed and used only by authorized persons, for lawful and legitimate purposes as intended by LSU. Use of this service is subject to all LSU policies, procedures, and guidelines including, but not limited to:


LSU reserves the right to review and/or monitor system transactions for compliance with its policies and/or applicable law. Upon reasonable cause, LSU may disclose such transactions to authorized persons for official purposes, including criminal and other investigations, and permit the monitoring of system transactions by law enforcement agencies.

Creator access is required to record with Panopto and is available to CURRENTLY active LSU faculty and staff. 

  • Note: Students will use Panopto within an instructor's course to view recordings. Any student video assignments will be handled by the dedicated video assignment feature within Moodle. 

Federal & Louisiana State Laws

Louisiana State University is under the jurisdiction of Act 772 and therefore subject to the State of Louisiana Office of Information Technology Security Policies & Louisiana Database Breach Notification Law. This information and specific policies can be accessed at the Information Technology Services webpage, State IT Policies & Laws.

Louisiana State University is required by law to adhere to federal laws such as FERPA, HIPPA, and GLBA. This information and specific policies can be accessed at the Information Technology Services webpage, Federal IT Policies & Laws.


Compliance with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) regulations at Louisiana State University, in regard to use of Panopto, centers around protection of student privacy rights. Via the Panopto Focus Moodle block, class recordings are only delivered to students registered in that particular course. ITS has best practices in setting up recording sessions with Panopto.

Use of Panopto in Moodle

Panopto is available as a class resource within Moodle. The Panopto Focus Moodle block manages all account creation, delivery of media to students (particular to individual courses and sections), and faculty management of media. ITS recommends using the Panopto Focus Moodle block as the preferred method of publishing class recordings in regard to adhering to FERPA regulations.

Digital Citizenship

Louisiana State University Faculty, Staff, and Students are expected to adhere to exemplary levels of digital citizenship in regard to the appropriate use of the Panopto lecture capture system. This applies to digital communication, digital etiquette, digital law, digital rights and responsibilities, and digital security. For an overview of these and other elements of digital citizenship, please read more at's Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship.
Students are expected to adhere to the LSU Code of Student Conduct.

Intellectual Property

Lectures, class sessions, supplemental recordings, etc. that are conducted via Panopto are subject to the same intellectual property considerations as other content generated at LSU. Access is primarily limited to the users in a Moodle course. LSU faculty and staff using Panopto outside of Moodle will have to follow different steps in their use of Panopto with the help of the local administrator of the system. 

LSU System Bylaws regarding Intellectual property are found in this link provided by the LSU Office of Intellectual Property, Commercialization, and Development:

Chapter VII – Intellectual Property

All recordings hosted on this system may be used by the session owners for reuse later.


Panopto is hosted on site at LSU ITS and follows all appropriate copyright rights to distribute materials provided in sessions hosted on this system.
Copyright information is available in Louisiana State University’s permanent memoranda:

Please read for complete information and helpful tips on ensuring copyright compliance. Information is included on both adhering to copyrights and protecting your own created materials.

Accessibility Compliance

A student with a disability is entitled by law to equal access to University programs. There are two federal laws that protect persons with disabilities in postsecondary education: the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Pub. L. No. 93-112, as amended) and the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (Pub. L. No. 101-336).
Please read Louisiana State University Policy Statement PS-26 Policy for Persons with Disabilities.

The LSU Office of Disability Services is located at 111A Johnston Hall, Baton Rouge, LA 70803; Phone Number: 225-578-5919; E-mail Address: This office is the provider of appropriate auxiliary aids and services for students with disabilities in an effort to ensure their full participation in all activities, programs, and services to the university.

LSU Faculty Responsibilities

  • Identify and establish essential functions, abilities, skills, and knowledge of their courses. Evaluate the students on this basis. Students with disabilities should meet the same course expectations as their peers. ODS strongly recommends this information be addressed on the syllabus. Consult with students with disabilities & the Office of Disability Services to provide appropriate accommodations.

  • Provide accommodations ONLY to students who are registered with ODS. It is not your responsibility to provide accommodations to students who are not Registered with the Office of Disability Services.

  • Use a Syllabus Statement and Class Announcements to invite students to disclose their needs. Syllabus Statements are available on the LSU web site, under the Faculty & Staff section.

  • Act immediately when you receive a Student Request for Accommodations by contacting ODS & determining what is needed to provide the services to the student.  

    • Meet with the requesting Student to complete the Examination Request Form.  
      (This form facilitates examining accommodations at ODS & should be completed by the Student & Faculty Member collaboratively.)
    • The Student is responsible for submitting the Form to ODS.

If you have questions, contact ODS at (225) 578-2613 or

  • If a student needs alternative media, please provide ODS with syllabi, textbooks, course packets etc., well before classes begin in order for students with disabilities to use alternative media when all other students have course materials. (5 weeks prior to the start of the semester is Recommended.)

    • With such timely consideration, students with disabilities who have alternative media needs for accommodations and instructional access will be served. Converting print materials is both labor and time intensive. Alternative media may be print material in Braille, on audiotapes, scanned onto discs, or enlarged.

  • Work to ensure that all audio-visual materials used in class are accessible.  

    • Make sure that videos shown are captioned for students with hearing impairments & that the VCR equipment used has captioning capabilities.

    • Make sure that videos shown will be made with auditory description in some way or that written transcripts will be provided.

  • A Fact Sheet is available on Universal Design from the Office of Disability Services. (

    • Consider incorporating principles of Universal Design for Learning in your teaching. 

  • Treat & protect ALL disability-related information as Confidential Medical Information and keep this information in a Protected Location.

Effective Date:  October 21, 2015
Next Scheduled Review:  May 31, 2016
10/26/2023 2:26:42 PM