Collaboration Learning Spaces: How to Quit a Session

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to quit a session:

Quitting a Session:

1. Click on beam your screen icon located on your taskbar.

2. Select Quit Session.

Closing Beam Your Screen:

NOTE: Although you are NOT in a session, Beam Your Screen will still continue to run. Now will have access to your computer once you quit the session.
1.  Click on the  beam your screen icon located on your taskbar.

2. Select Exit to close the program.

Removing Files:

NOTE: Internet Explorer will automatically remove Beam Your Screen.

Mozilla Firefox (PC):

1. Open Mozilla Firefox and press Ctrl+J to open the Downloads list.

2. Right click the Beam Your Screen File and select Open Containing Folder.

3. Repeat Step 2 to delete the CFG file also.

4. A separate window will open. Find and right click the file and select Delete.

5. The file will be transferred to your Recycling Bin.

NOTE: You may now clear the Downloads list, but the actual file has already been deleted.

Mac Users:

1) The file will automatically save to the desktop unless specifically changed.

2) Simply, click and drag the Beam Your Screen file into the Trash Can.

Contact information for assistance:
For assistance with the collaboration and presentation practice equipment: Lab Technology & Software Support Desk,
LSU Library Room 141, 225-578-0008. 

For wireless connectivity or logon questions: ITS Service Desk, LSU Library Room 141, 225-578-3375.
To open a trouble ticket: email

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