Sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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Sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Ways to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
  • Automatic Paper-saving Adjustments: If you are printing materials in Word, you can reduce the number of pages of your documents by using the Shrink One Page option available in Print Preview.

  • Printing Multiple Pages per Sheet: You can print multiple pages per sheet by opening the Print dialog box. Then, locate the Zoom section and select the Page per Sheet dialog box. 

  • Duplex Printing: The duplex (two-sided) printing option, if supported by your computer, is another helpful way to save paper.

  • Columns: You may use table columns to place multiple columns of data across the page if you are working with a document that contains a large number of short lines.

  • Distribute Electronically: You can save and distribute your documents electronically (via e-mail, shared server, website, or cloud) for online viewing rather than printing each document.

  • Read e-mail messages onscreen: Try to avoid unnecessary print jobs.

  • Change styles: Use smaller font, narrow margins, decrease line spacing, and decrease character spacing.

  • Try video and telephone conferencing: By implementing these options, you can cut costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save time.

  • Purchase from University Stores: By doing so, you can spend less time in tracking, fewer deliveries, less travel associated with the delivery, and potentially receive better discounts.

  • Recycled Content: University Stores offer recycled content for the majority of their paper products: 30% recycled office paper, 100% recycled rest room paper, and 40% recycled paper towels.

  • Recycle the paper you use: Donate to the LSU Child Care Center for reuse (send via campus mail to Mailing Services for processing), or drop your paper in any one of LSU's blue recycling bins across campus.

  • Get more Recycle bins: Call or e-mail Recycling Manager, Andres Harris (268-3385, to purchase "desk side" recycling bins or "Slim Jim" bins for copy machine rooms or hallways.

  • Check Surplus: Before deciding whether you need to purchase new office furniture, check the availability of used supplies at Property Management. Contact Warren Lands at 578-6892 for surplus information.

  • Recycle other materials: will show you the closest place to take your other wastes. You may also look into the Terracycle program for other materials like drink pouches.

Examples of Items

The following list includes items that can be Reduced, Reused, or Recycled:

  • Batteries:  Bring off-campus to Best Buy, Radio Shack, Lowe's, or Home Depot. You can also bring alkaline batteries to the 2nd floor of the Fred Frey Computing Services building on campus. (

  • Paper:  Loose leaf, cardboard, mixed paper, and shredded paper.

  • Metals:  Aluminum, tin, and steel cans.

  • Print & Copy Cartridges:  Return to Property Management for recycling.

  • Computers & Printers: All computer-related equipment goes to Property Management, then to Louisiana Property Management Assistance (LPAA). Through a cooperative agreement, LPAA then provides desktops and monitors to local schools for training.

  • Electronics: Telephones, cell phones, digital cameras, etc. are recycled locally at CACRC.  (

  • Snack or Drink Pouches and Granola Bar Wrappers: Recyclable via Terracycle.

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