Modular Messaging: Web Client

To Listen to Messages By Using the Modular Messaging Web Client:

1. Launch an internet browser. What are the LSU Web Browser Standards?

NOTE: Users who log on to Web client with an unsupported browser might receive a one-time warning message. If users are allowed to log on with an unsupported browser, Web Client features might not function properly.

Pop up notification of an unsupported error message

2. Create an exception in Pop-up blocker by clicking on Tools and choose Pop-up Blocker then select Pop-up Blocker Settings.

Pop up blocker settings window

3. In the Address of website to allow enter, click Add then click Close.

Type URL in the address if website to allow box and click close

4. Type in the web browser's address bar and press Enter.

5. On the Logon screen fill in the information as follows:

-- Server Name: Voicemail.

-- Mailbox Number: Your 5-digit Extension.

-- Telephone Number: Local Telephone Number (for listening to messages).

NOTE: This can either be your 5-digit extension if you are checking messages at your desk, or a local Baton Rouge phone number preceded by a 9. Example: 93421234.

-- Password: Your Modular Messaging Password.

-- Web Language: The language in which the site will be displayed.

Logon to voicemail pop-up window

6. Click Logon.

7. The following message will appear in the main browser window.

This warning appears: closing this window will not affect your web client window

8. After closing that window, the main application will launch in a new window.

The application launch window

9. To check new messages, click on the New folder.

10. Select the message you would like to play by clicking on the cassette next to the message.

Select which voicemail to listen to

NOTE: Your browser's security settings may block your ability to download the message.

11. Click the message at the top of your browser that says To help protect your security, Internet Explorer blocked this site from downloading files to your computer. Click here for options..., then choose Download File, then click the cassette next to the message once again.

12. If you are playing your messages through your phone then this voice player will appear.

Pop up of what the voicemail message on a phone screen looks like

13. If you would prefer to hear your messages through your PC speakers, click Options from the Modular Messaging Toolbar and choose Download Voice Player.

14. Click OK.

Pop up window of the voice player being downloaded

15. Choose Run.

Run or Save file pop up window


16. Choose Run.

Select Run to start the download


17. Follow the on screen instructions from the Installation Wizard.

18. You will be asked to test the AVP Player, click OK.

Click OK to test the avp player

19. Your new voice player will appear and play a test recording for you.

The voice player window to play a test recording

20. Click OK.

Click OK once the installation is complete

21. To change playback from your telephone to your PC, click Options on the Modular Messaging Toolbar and click Audio in the left frame.

Select AVP for playback and telephone for recording settings

22. Choose AVP w/streaming.

23. Click Apply.

24. Click Inbox on the Modular Messaging Toolbar to return to your messages.

25. Choose the message you would like to hear and click on its cassette icon, from here you may control the playback of the message.

NOTE: After this point you can move onto the next one or logout of the system. To logout of the system, simply close your web browser.

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